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St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital (SLCH) Patient Portal:

St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital now offers a secure on-line interactive tool for patients to review their health information--the St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital (SLCH) Patient Portal. This interactive web portal will allow patients and their families to take an active role in their care by providing simple and secure access to your health information.


The SLCH Patient Portal provides instant access to health information, including laboratory results, medications, allergies, visit history, demographic information and more. Parents and health care proxies with authorized consent will also be able to access the records of the individuals for whom they provide care. Please note: if you wish to gain access (Proxy) to another patient's portal, you will be required to visit the Medical Records Department at SLCH. Both the patient giving proxy access, as well as the proxy, will need to provide photo identification and complete the appropriate forms.


The SLCH Patient Portal allows patients to easily request and track appointments online. Once an appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email confirmation.


There is a central appointment page that will list all of the scheduled and pending appointments. Patients can review current appointment details and request additional appointments. The SLCH Patient Portal also allows patients to update their demographic and contact information prior to visits. Email notifications from the Portal will alert patients to any new activity on their portal, such as new appointments and test results.


As a patient of St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital’s, enrolling in the SLCH Patient and Consumer Health Portal will allow you to:

•    Update Personal Information
•    Review Your Results
•    View and Request Radiology Appointments
•    Review Allergies and Conditions
•    Review Discharge Instructions
•    Review Health Summary
•    Review Medications with Instructions
•    See Visit History

Also, the SLCH Patient and Consumer Health Portal is completely secure, so you can be confident that your private information is protected. Only you – or an authorized family member – can access your SLCH Patient and Consumer Health Portal.

In order to initially enroll in the SLCH Patient Portal, you will need to enter information including the following:

- SLCH Medical Record number

- Personal home email address

- Name

- Gender

- Date of birth

- Social Security Number


We hope this new tool will help you take an active role in your healthcare. If you are interested in enrolling in the SLCH Patient Portal, click on the green SLCH Patient Portal Enroll button at the top of this page. For more information, including enrollment details, please contact our Medical Records at 845-568-2520.


***Please note: In order to enroll in the SLCH Patient Portal, we must have your email address on file in your electronic medical record. The email address needs to be specific for one person (you) in order for your Portal enrollment to be successful. You can update your email address in person with our Registration staff when you are registering for a hospital visit. Otherwise, please visit the Medical Records Department at St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital. You will be required to present and photo I.D.


Once you have enrolled in the SLCH Patient Portal, you will receive a one-time user id and password, which will be sent to your email address. This will allow you to log into the Portal with 99 hours and reset your own log-in id and password, as well as define personal security questions. Once you set up your personal log-in and password, you can access the SLCH Patient Portal at any time via the Blue Button at the top of this page.


St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital encourages all patients to enroll in the Patient Portal as it provides the opportunity for patients and families to actively participate and their care.


Additional Information is available below:

SLCH Patient Portal FAQs.pdf

SLCH Patient Portal Pamphlet.pdf


Non Discrimination Notice:

Non Discrimination Notice_Section 1557.pdf